Sunday, January 1, 2017


SO much to write, so much to believe in this year. SO much peace and friendship to open my heart to. I can be a dove of peace, and listen to the earth, and love the environment. The aim for this year is not to stay hidden in the walls of my apartment and the spaces between my words, but to take a step and help, not only the animals, but the people as well. Help the earth heal. I’m healing. It’s time to reach out and help others heal. It’s time to understand what I spent the last 20 years living through and find a way to scoop up the scared, the depressed, the lonely, and tell them not to hurt if we are living as we want to live, even if there are no rule books for their lives. Even if their leaders are turning the world upside down.

And if we are not living the life that we want to, fight and learn more.

Let’s not dwell on 2016 and it’s death and darkness but look for that crack of light that we haven’t lost yet and pull at it like a huge velvet stage curtain, so we can step out and heal ourselves and when each person is ready in themselves, the world. Make goals to take a step closer into the light of the world however that might mean to you, to get out of bed and smile or fight in the streets of Aleppo to save the life of a child.

Set goals to live healthy, be healthy and be aware of what is happening to ourselves and others this year. To start with a prayer to whomever or whatever you believe in and start walking in the direction that your voice and dreams lead you, even if you only begin as a whisper. We can live together, listen together, hear each other, in our beliefs about: spirituality, gods and religion. We can move forward in love and to help the universe. We can strengthen the power of the oppressed and the minorities and lead forward standing straight and tall rather than limping because; our bodies, our planet, is un even.

I see, no matter what, we are all connected and we have to hold hands and hearts, like those paper dolls we folded as children, see that we are all different and all loved at the same time.

Come with me, start with a little prayer, a little chant, a little list on a “peace” of paper and we shall move forward with the power of the universe pushing us like the waves on a calm sea.

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