Friday, December 9, 2016


SO it’s New Years resolution time. It’s been a few years since I’ve written up the future.

I was ready to write the resolutions this morning. I made it to the coffee shop and realized I forgot my journal and there is only so much writing I could do on the cell phone.

There are two big things in the future that I’m working on: One is a personal trainer. I have a consultation with a trainer next Friday and we’ll get to see if it will work between us . I want help with my diet and ease myself back into some sort of physical fitness.

The other is to become affiliated with a political party that I believe in. I realized that with the American election, it’s not just believing the news and scratching an x on a piece of paper. They’re not “all the same” I want to do more for people be more aware of the people factor in this world and believe that this may be one way to do it; And if not I’ll keep looking but I’ll start looking.

I want to keep writing in the morning from 7-8. Right now it’s just journal and bare bones, but there’s no reason why I can’t use my lap top. Have it there when I want to put the skin on some of the bones.
I will keep singing after supper and my chat with me “mudder.” And that leaves 2 hours in the evening to get done what needs to be done.

Right now reading doesn’t seem like a priority, which is sad when I see all the books on my book shelf that I want to read, but can’t get past the first page. I do have Robbie Robertson’s Testimony that was just released, Tini has inspected it and it passes. So in a year where I didn’t read very much my resolution for a new year is reading “Testimony.”

Take care of my cats pay my rent/utilities and listen to lots of music round out the list. It should be a good year. Unless of course America implodes on itself and Justin fills the west coast with pipelines.

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