Monday, November 14, 2016


As the sun sets
And after weeks
Of writing lines
Not sentences
Not paragraphs
I am re introduced
To the novel I was working on

So many things have changed about my ideas of life since starting the novel. The way I believe in love and people and children completely went in a direction I didn’t expect it too, but as I read over the outline and the outline for the first chapter I was pulled like a magnet to a piece of metal. And there was warmth and comfort and tension as I read over the half written Ideas. I was pulled back into the writing of this novel, the listening to meditation music and the climbing into these words and characters. I can do it, I can write a novel.

I can make up this world and these people in my head as I curl up and end the day, after I write songs and sing songs I will spend my evenings on writing the novel I will have the first chapter ready for January whether it’s chapter one or not, I don’t know. but for the next two months instead of getting caught in the face book jungle the twitter jungle I will write my story and let it take me away to another world

As the sun sets
I will work on outlines
Until the novel is ready
I will do it however I need

To get it done.

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