Monday, November 21, 2016

Coffee Promises

I did something different today. I went out for coffee, at 7 am. I went to the new coffee shop down the street. I had my coffee fix for the day and got my morning pages done. Lately given the choice to write or fall asleep on the couch, I go for the later. I can’t open up the porch anymore as it’s too cold.

I know you’re asking yourself…

“Didn’t Frosty give up coffee last year?”

Why yes: yes I did!! For a whole year, but I’m back on it and my body has no, and I mean no resistance to it. My butt might as well be lit on fire, I get that wound. I don’t like being that wound, but it beats struggling to stay awake during the day.

Going to the coffee shop was a great experience for me and has put interest back in morning pages at least. It gives me a safe place to write and the motivation to do it. I just did clearing this morning mostly writing about dreams and feelings about what I was doing.

It feels a bit like the body is invigorated, that writing has a chance to wake up after slumber.

It has followed a great week of vacation. Where I relaxed and had two major a-ha moments one musical and one about my strength both emotionally and with friends who support me. I gained a little more courage within myself while walking around in a world that I don’t always understand. A world with many people.

SO now I move forward into this new adventure at the same time as overtime gets introduced back into the picture, so we’ll see what the balance is.

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