Thursday, November 17, 2016

Birthday Come True

You see it started with a night out with some friends it was a Saturday night so I expected to be a little messed up Sunday eating most of the groceries in my house that were close at hand of course I got the day after crazies on Monday.  I bought chips and pop from the machine ate all the cookies in my lunchbox before lunch. I then spent the afternoon at work devising the perfect birthday party 3 months away, and doing my work.

You see 10 years ago I spent my birthday alone in my parents’ house. I turned 30; a failed thespian and filmmaker with crippling depression to the point I couldn’t hold down a Job. Probably didn’t want to hold down a job and people weren’t patient with my emotional situation. There were a strong men ready to take over my job.

SO this year I had a birthday come true. I had some of my friends, the ones who could show up on a Wednesday night, come and meet each other and have dinner together. I wasn’t alone like I so often am. It was the best mistake I followed through on. 

Happy Izzy Gotchaday

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