Monday, November 21, 2016

40 Years and Then Some

SO there’s a lot going on in the world right now. And I want to say I’m on the side of peace and love and equality. That I want to support the people at Standing Rock and hug the people in the states who are scared right now. In my own country I want to keep hearing news about our own environmental healing as a country as well as the search for answers to the missing and murdered indigenous woman and the list goes on.

I want to say I’m scared with you and am trying to sort out the fact from the fiction. I don’t know if that’s easier or harder being in Canada. Being in Canada I don’t want to feel complacent that just because I can live life pretty much exactly as I want, (a little more money would be nice) but I have religious and scientific freedoms to choose bits and pieces from those freedoms that I want.

 I have, for the most part, as a woman, access to abortion and birth control and can watch all of my friends get married no matter their sexual orientation. The thought of Our closest neighbours all that they have gained and the affect it will have on the world is frighting.

 I don’t get harassed on the streets or pressured into church or in a domestic life, as a mother, when it’s never something I’ve been interested in.  

This morning sitting at the coffee shop doing morning pages and sneaking peeks at my phone (free wifi). Gave my heart a chance to wake up to the fear that is going on around me. Express where I feel I am in it all.

I thought about being on this earth and stumbling through the last 40 years only to get 100 times better as our neighbouring country goes into turmoil. Donald Trump along with Standing Rock and as always the threat of ISIS.

Maybe my healing and understanding can reach out and touch people who are still angry and mad. Teach them to not hate people they’ve never met, and to replace it with love, no matter how slowly with forgiveness to those they have hurt and have hurt them. Maybe, in me reaching out, I can find people who are ahead of me and teach me even more to grow to love and for me not to hide because someone who I “Know” is wrong thinks that I’m wrong.

If worse comes to worse and a lot of us are not sure how bad this is going to be but when you pull out Hitler as a comparison, it’s projecting, not only, to be really bad, but to get much worse.

I was always moved emotionally by stories of Nazi Germany. I’m mostly German.  I’ve always felt like I lived a past life somewhere in Nazi Germany and there’s a feeling like it’s coming around again.

Our hearts need to be listening this time, our logic needs to tell us "that new job is not worth putting people in a ghetto and placing stars on their shirts and lining them up…" 
Our hearts need to have learned in the last 100 years from science from history, from fiction from Stephen Spielberg, from our friends and our neighbours.

I guess, the last 40 years have been spent on Animals rights because for me and how I was brought up, in the belly of an animals shelter at age 10, I was doing OK, the animals needed more help than people. Maybe the people need me a bit too. Maybe I’m getting strong enough to help.

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