Thursday, May 26, 2016

Must Be Funny

So I’m not a millionaire yet, in fact this month is really tight, I had a budget for a little more money than what I’m bringing in right now so with that and the fact that my microwave broke I’m out about 300 dollars. 

I Say; “don’t try to steal from my house I ain’t got nothin’.”

So now I can’t do all the things I did last month and the month before. I can’t do all the things I did last year and the year before. And I’m going to have to budget differently now. I used to have enough to play with, but now I not only don’t have a lot to play with ‘Frosty Style’ but I need to take what I would have spent on fancy plates of Pad Thai washed down with mango and vodka and put it into my savings for a while there’s going to be a bit of a change.

I am also sacrificing open mic night and gulp the humongous yard sale for the local shelter. Books and shoes and hats and books and shoes and hats L. But I can do it I can be a good girl and get back into financial shape. Physical shape not so much.

It was such a treat to go out with my friends. To support the local restaurants and chat with friends who could afford the fancy nights out. Now I have to reign it in a bit. But I’m ready I played this winter and I needed it. I can go back to being and introvert this summer and taking care of my cash. 

There’s going to be a lot of tea and writing in the porch as the sun sets.

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