Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cat Mama Knows

Even a cat mama knows “mama I need you now.” The sound of a little voice by the door wanting to get a leash on and go for a walk. “Mama I need treatums now” voice is the same. Tini cries for treats and food. My cat is a child. She’s a very intelligent inside cat and it’s finally spring time. She sees the birds and the squirrels and the sunlight and asks me all day to take her out and I fight it. Probably because I know there is a great possibility she will get really scared or take a few chunks out of me when she sees the neighbours or their dogs. 

But sometimes it turns out to be a perfect little walk around the house, I talk to her and let her lead me she rolls to try to get the leash off and to feel the ground or pavement on her back. We explore, we look for treasures, like poop, or the elusive mouse and squirrel that sometimes dart across our path. For a moment I relax, I stop worrying about all the Sunday chores that need to be done or how much I am going to write or sing today and I’m just with a very insightful and wonderful cat. I like her and what she brings into my life.

Sometimes I’m glad I don’t have children, especially if I think either one of them would be like my cats. I adopted Izzy to save her life and Tini to save mine and that’s what she did today. In her need for attention and outside play she led me out into the sun and onto a mini adventure around a great little houses looking for mouses and making rhymes.

Even a cat mama knows “Mama, you need me now!”

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