Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Guess I'm not Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau

There are unicorns
In my dreams tonight
Bright colours and
sparkly glue
To hold the world together

 I wake up in the morning and have a breakfast of rainbows
Light and colour
a unicorn walks home
beside me from work
As I write
I will child tonight.

I will be alone
As this is all I’ve known
But my head is filled with creatures
Who protect and talk and imagine with me
I slip out of this world
And into another
I am not as pretty as she is
I am not as lucky as she is
But I love doing the Imagine
I Am a princess like she is
With a crown and a sceptre
And pretty dresses and pretty shoes
And hair that flipped around like golden floss
And someone told me what to say and how to smile
And n the eyes of the world I was beautiful
Not just the eyes
Of myself who pictures
Her beauty in her head
But refuses to look in the mirror

 There are unicorns
In my dreams tonight
Bright colours and sparkly
Glue to hold the world together

I come home in the evening
To a palace of kittens, music
And imagination
Where we chase our tails
And tell tall tales
And a unicorn
Sleeps beside my bed

I’m not alone
The faeries
Read me my dreams
As I sleep
And the gnomes
The rocks under the house
Sometimes they find treasure
Sometimes it’s only dirt

I forget that my imagination
Can cheer me up when I’ve had a bad week

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