Saturday, March 12, 2016

Emotional Suicide

not my photo
Hear the pitter patter
Of the rain on the roof
Bring umbrellas
And laugh as we run
Between the rain drops

Hear the voices
From each others lips
Rather than the voices
Inside our head
Get outside the mind

How the world told us
To be strong women
How our jeans held us in
Like depression A fog-surrounded
Light in the ocean’s mouth

Hear our voices tell each other
We should have become
Mothers to more
Than our own broken hearts
And our over active psychosis

Hear the pitter patter
Of blood drop from our hearts
I will drink my own veins
Rather than roast your flesh
Over an open fire

Hear the Drs last prescription
Of medicated Chocolate Milk
And wash it down with water
From the wells where
The black birds died

One more time
One more day
To find the secrets and
Leave emotional suicide
For another week

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