Saturday, February 13, 2016

Riff It

SO I needed a writing exercise and I think I’ve found one by combining three; the window (bird by bird),the thing I did today; Take your whole day of nothingness and choose one simple thing, and take one simple sentence.  Then riff it.

I went to the mall Today.

It was cold. I spent a lot of money. I walked across the bridge to get there. And it was cold. Small pieces of snow falling from the sky. The sun hid behind the gray clouds in the sky. It didn’t pump any extra vitamin D into these veins. I'm waiting for summer. 

There were many steps. I wore a brown pair of boots that zippered up. They’re not any pair of boots, they’re my payless size 11’s. Big and warm and on their second B’ town winter. Although I don’t wear them every day, but I wore them today.

I wore a purple jacket. I found 50 cents in the pocket, in the other pocket were my house keys and a cell phone. I had mittens on for a while but they made my hands too hot. The purple jacket is good for minus twenty, so It kept me warm, even today.

I talked to the neighbour when I left and when I came back. Reminded him I lived here.

I only went to the stores where I needed things. I needed bananas and honey and peanut butter. I went to the computer store to buy a writing program, and it was a little more than I thought but that was OK I needed to get my poems back.

SO I needed a writing game because I’ve worked and slept all week. And needed to get back into the groove. “Maybe the hardest thing in writing is simply to tell the truth about things as we see them.”-John Steinbeck

That’s the truth of the moment, that’s what really happened, nothing happened inside my head only that it was quiet and I lived in the moment.

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