Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fall Asleep

It’s February’s last full night
The weather is April 1
The heater is turned down
As low as it can go
Hoping the sun
Will break though the windows
And keep the house warm
While the wind whisks the
World like eggs in copper pots.

I’ll write until my fingers get cold
I’ll write until my eyes fall in love with sleep

The days fall over
Into march
The days of fingerless gloves
Are numbered like
A weather station abacus
I’m digging deep
Into the darkness
That is my dreams
My memories my cold heart

I’ll write until my heart is unbroken
I write until loves comes from my words
I went out to play
In the hammocks of the mountains
Into the gravity of the
Roaring seas
I had nothing to
hold me down
I had nothing to live for
SO I found a home
And filled it with anchors

I’ll write until my freedom is in front of me
I’ll write until I feel blessed by my choices

But there’s a storm coming
Through all this spring sun
We have to go back to the shovels
The heaters on high
The words dripping with icicles
Not even the pad thai
Can keep you warm
When the words
Fall asleep

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