Saturday, January 30, 2016


Meghan on the shore,
walking in her bare feet,
all alone.
She's listening to the waves,
on the ocean
She wears a boa,
made of orange feathers
and a bright coloured jacket
And tights

Meghan on the shore,
imagining herself,
in her own photograph
she wants to be chosen
as the land scape
for this music video
she sees in her head

but she is the only one who sees the beauty
a few kids walk by and snicker
at the choices of her colours
the proud face that once
listened to the waves hears
the smashing laughing of the children

We don't know this lady
will never see her again
except that her jacket
is found in the garbage can
on the way off the beach
the sounds of laughter
hurt too much
to even drive home
in a jacket that made her feel like a rock star
until her little fans
called her out.

Only now, as an adult, can beauty be seen

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