Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I Does Good

I did good tonight. I really enjoyed singing Defying Gravity and I had a chance to show my music teacher what I figured out last night.

You see, I'm not a great pianist. I'm really good at singing notes as they're played. And my right hand playing the melody is usually good; vocally and handy. But that doesn't help my ear training.

I'm singing Coal Town Road and The Water is Wide. Both songs require me to sing without the piano. I have to figure out how to navigate the pitch and timing on my own.

So last night I worked on The Water is Wide by stepping away from the piano and doing the song line by line until I didn't need the piano.

Now I can tell you that after an hour I still need a lot of work. But I realized I'm not as helplessly tone deaf as I thought I was.  And there is hope.

Tonight I sang The Water is Wide for my music teacher and was so scared. I was standing there by myself and I had to believe I was good enough to sing in front of her.

I said think of it as a conversation with a friend. I'm just telling her a piece of poetry, a piece of someone's day set to music; and I calmed down.

The things that I'm learning are coming together.

And she said I did good.

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