Monday, October 12, 2015

Little Prayers

Perhaps it' time to stop living alone, doing it all on my own. Perhaps it's time to partner up.

I can't stay here in this world of tumble weeds and dust devils it's time to keep moving.

I hear you worship your deities and worship is different than mine.

I've heard you sing to your deity but you must not hear me when I pray to, as all the strings to my harp are broken.

I have learned to pray to my own deity using my own voice and my own words maybe as humans we need something greater than us to talk to to ask questions to to wait for a response in the flicker of tree leaves in the voice of the wind

Perhaps I too need a god to ask questions to, questions that are greater than myself. I use my own words and my own voice and wait for the gods response in the flicker of the tree leaves, in the whisper of the wind.

I'm fascinated by people who want to do things for other people I do something for other people and I get hurt and I get tired that's why I don't have a god I don't want to so something for someone else. But today I ask what does my god want me to do?

A world of the deities unravel around me some have been written before some have yet to be found some gods live on stars some on hope and some in my heart. I have to listen even closer, writing and singing and meditation is my prayer.

Perhaps I needed to calm the fuck down.

There's a line in the universe that god puts you on when you believe. I don't want to hurt so i deny success and keep going on a path that is devoid of magic, despite the magic I believe in.

How do you know when you get lost in the forest and just go around in circles? It's time to sit down and let the gods catch up to me.

There is a god like a husband an equal we both know different things on my path I confuse looking for a husband for looking for a god for I am without both and think I can combine the two but to make a husband a god and a god a husband makes the world stop turning for a while. I see too much in a god and not enough in a husband and I can only know these things when I sit down to write it can only be real when I write it.

I need to wear a red robe and let the saints find me and rescue me and bring me back to life .

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