Thursday, September 17, 2015


Last night I knew what I wanted. In my dreams I had a new job, and there were new cloths and make up (cruelty free of course) I thought is was an interesting dream because I asked myself what makes me sad and cloths make me sad right now. I loved cloths when I was tiny but now they're not so much fun.

I love shopping for cloths which I don't have money for right now. I spent a lot on cloths last year and can't do it again this year, but my dreams yearn to have a whole bunch of time and money for pretty cloths and colourful eyes and fingernails.

SO there I have one of my answers; I'm sad because I don't get to play dress up all the time. Like the ladies on TV. Like I grew up watching on TV when I was a kidlet obsessed with entertainment tonight and the Oscars and Oprah and her endless closet of shoes.

I tell myself now that I have made a decision to have music and cats; and new cloths lost out on the deal. So I need to treat myself to some special cloths time knowing how important it is to my dreams. Just not as much as last year.

I should also clean up the cloths I have now, treat the closet with some r e s p e c t so I realize what I have to dress up in 'cause I get a lot of cool cloths for “free” too.

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