Thursday, September 17, 2015

I see it...

We have some some angels here in Canada this week, a little girl whose father was shot and she was on a nation wide Amber Alert, And a police officer. There are of course many other angels that have left earth, not in a natural way, but these two, the media is feeding us. They're high profile, tiny and blond. We had the news on at work (I don't watch tv or have a tv at home) so I've heard the breaking news on both ladies.

I guess as a woman I should be thankful to be alive.

I too frequented the Halifax bars and was not a police officer. I too had a mans jobs and in that city and was not always supported.

I guess it's difficult for me because we're always told to learn to defend ourselves. And if a police officer can't defend herself against a monster. And a monster doesn't respect a female police officer. Then who is safe?

I know what halifax was like on women 20 years ago. The attitude was not good. The universities were in the news for their cheers and treatment of woman. And now.

We have many angels in Canada many woman and children who haven't made it in this world. Many who haven't been publicized.

There are a lot of living angels in Europe right now, trying to survive on train tracks. And the wrong side of fences.

There's a lot to think about, as who we are, as humans, as Canadians and if we want to keep picking woman and children from under bridges, out of lakes and garbage cans and oceans and pig feed.

Maybe we need to reach out to one woman in our lives, maybe it's even ourselves and say “I love you.”

Usually I do animals rights, human rights is not my forte but lets start somewhere.

Let's start by identifying and seeing what is happening say “I see it. I'm aware of it. What's next?”

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