Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Love My Babes

today was a hard day.

today and last night
I cried

For the third time
I had to get eye drops
for my Izzy

It's expensive and a long drive to the vet we trust
I want her to be happy and healthy

I give her kisses at the vet so she's not scared
so she knows I'm not going to leave her there

She hid under the bed for a while
when she came home and Tini
sat under with her until they had it all talked out
or sniffed out
or whatever sisters do

This afternoon after all the hissing and spitting and hiding
she heard me curl up in bed, I was exhausted
She lay down beside me for cuddle time

"Mommy I still love you" she said
"You do what you can do for me."

I thought about people leaving her behind
and how much she trusts me
and I'm crying now so I guess I love her and I guess I am her mama
There's not a lot I would do anything for
but she just touches my heart all the days

This cat that everyone left behind

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