Friday, May 22, 2015

Laundry Is Hard

The clock says 11:11 that has to mean something other than it's past my bed time.  11:12 that's pretty cool too.

Ok so today I pulled a pair of oversized (for me) jeans out of the closet and wore them to work. I had a belt to keep them up and a shirt that I actually bought new, not second hand in any way. A) I didn't do laundry last week so I was pretty much down to the last pair of pants I had (I have to go to the laundry mat 15 minutes up the road and I don't drive so laundry is hard) B) I realized on the walk home that I really didn't care about how I looked.

When I was skinny there were so many interesting options for cloths that looked good. When I was skinny I could throw a dress over jeans and still look tini tiny.  But now I just want cloths that don't cut off circulation to my feet.

I began to wonder if I reached a new high: yay I'm comfortable and happy and my shirt is cool; the lady who has the same one says so.

Or a new low: my pants are three sizes two big and I don't care, it's the end of the world anyway.

I wondered how many woman dress up just for men and deduced that I've finally given up and just dress for myself. Which is ok if I have a sense of style and passion. Nope and Nope.

Is that sad that I don't care how I look because no ones going to be interested anyway. I guess that's the next thing I have to deal with my cloths and my compassion about what I wear.
I was a teenager once and loved buying new cloths and making sure they fit right and maybe just maybe I would fit in with the world around me. In the last little while I've really taken to not worrying about if I fit in or not, but maybe I need to care a little bit more. Or maybe this fashion faux pa is the real me.

I'm just happy when something fits. Even if it needs a belt.

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