Sunday, April 26, 2015


I enter the doors
Made by paper
And words
I will skim
Like milk,
Spilled over the leather
The bindings, utter sounds
To remind me of
Of the body of words
I wish to learn
Like sugar in my tea

I study
This new romance
Make new rules
And as soon as they're law
Break them

I reach the core
The verbs, the adjectives
And, oh yes, the nouns
The language a volcano
I try
The first time
I see your eyes
The words I learned
From the travel guide
And no one
Not even you
Understands a word I say

But you see my passion
And take my hand
Phrases and images
Give way like the
Castle is falling behind us
Pictures come alive
With the words
I see mine
Turn into yours
Before I open
My mouth

One day I say
"I love you"
In your language
And it makes sense
So many words
That have been said before
Are only crumpled paper
Except that this one sentence

Is a written passage way to the kiss of a foreign tongue


  1. I like the way this poem reveals a little at a time. And having experienced a few foreign languages, I love the theme.

    1. Thanks Chris, although I never mastered French I tried very hard to learn it, I also worked in places where people were learning English as a second language. And love, Oh Love.... :)