Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Words on Bones

I throw the stone into the sea, hear it cut against the wind, skip across the tides.
The stone bounces back, words write themselves, become cracks on crushing bone
Worlds evolve into our history and we go from ameba's to giants
In what looks like a seconds and feels like forever.

I throw the sun up over the clouds, cloths burnt, body exhausted
I should move into the light. Too afraid to descend back into the darkness
In the place that saved me for so many years, now broken
With bones that can't move forward, and the motivation to travel fast

I tell myself not to give up before the ocean covers
My word written body and rock covered flesh
I tell myself not to give up before the water
Washes me under the current an into the sea

I hear the stranger walk along the rounded stones
I'm embarrassed by my condition and almost refuse the help offered
This stranger lifts me up and sets me in shelter
Wraps my broken bones in casts and reads the words that heal the bones

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