Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mirror of Millions

mirrored between winter storms
I feel the wind
slam the storm
into my open hands
mirrors I have pushed on
for a million years
eyes closed
so I don't see my reflection
prayers of a camo soul
hoping for my escape
hoping for the a connection
with everyone else
the mirrors are my soul
cracked, broke inside
I am to clean up the pieces,
ensure I don't get pierced
I look down at the cracks
dark hard emptiness
sucks me into a world
of neon pink and stage lights
then I see the pieces as a whole
each piece I have broken
reflects a picture of me
piercing, cutting- views
I see myself in a million pieces
a million inner children
a dangerous collection
of faces and actions
I breath, and I hold my breath
the understanding
to live with an artist
even if it is only me
takes time and patience
and understanding
I am not like everyone else
I am starting to share what
happens inside my head
not just nod and be silent
this is me in a million pieces
minus 17 against my face
a silent storm showing me

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