Tuesday, February 10, 2015

He said

He said "hold me while the stars fall around us."
He said "listen to the candles flicker by the river
I'll take you down to the waters edge, hold your hand,
Kiss you hard in the face of the faded moon."

I said "it's only the sound of the waves on the river bed."
I said "it's only moon calling out your name
I'll follow you down to the waters edge
And let the river show us how to dance, to love"

Touching the stars landing in my hair, snow drops
Star drops, the light, like sprinkles on the river
Touching the skin, cooling warming
words of dreamers touching dreamers.

I said "it's only a dream." And I wake up on the shore
He said "It was a wonderful dream." And took my hand
A strong hand, to the touch, a warm embrace
And I was lifted from the waters edge.

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