Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Self Esteem

You're the one I sing with
In the winter storm
The one I dance with
When it's minus thirty three

You're the one the wind
Gathers itself around
After sneaking through
Cracks in the shingles

You're the dreams I dreamed
For a long time
Disguised in the heart
As tornados threatening to take down

Structures like houses

I never moved too far away
I never moved to Kansas
But it's minus thirty three in the winter
Here, when the wind walks in my right direction

You're the one I sing with
The one I dance with
You are me

I was inspired by George's speech at the globes. I was inspired by my courage the last few weeks. I'm inspired by the cold winter, by my dreams taking shape, at least for now. And wonder if the generation before us got guilt and our generation got depression and anxiety? Hmmm

ps not my photos

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