Friday, October 3, 2014


feel the poor winds
rest on my shoulders
i shudder

feel the tired
winds empty
their pockets of the leaves

my fingers weave the water
my heart caresses the sea
my heart goes back

a child on the eastern shore
bubble wand
and pet rock

my lungs release
suck the air in
i breath another life

arms reach out
hug the winds
all the joy that comes

i believe in
what is going on
around me

i begin with the wind
and the lessons
the breezes bring to me

again I think about the wind and how
it makes my tears sting

take a deep breath
and a new
step forward

I can't see your future
but your present is all around me
and the wind

let the wind search me out
set me free
on the edge of the eastern shore

let the breeze
unravel the strings
that were part of today

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