Sunday, September 14, 2014

Just 20 Dollars

Morning broke with the alarm. I stayed in bed a little later then I should of. Last night I was writing in bed with the computer. The screen made a good night light in the dark room with a little bit of holly cole and jesse cook and this morning I stepped on the computer. It ruined it and I was promised that even though it was less than a year old, warranties would not cover such a tragedy. I learned that you can't just shut off your internet and base your work around a typewriter for a few months while you get your finances together.

The clerk found it funny that I said "Don't you just have a typewriter? That's all I need."

On the plus side it was worth it, the guy who sold it to me was nice and kinda cute, but that makes me an old lady creeping on the young boys. And my computer is red. And works better than the other one even before it was broken. I was told I should get the one that was 20 dollars more because it was just 20 dollars. It must be nice to live in a world where it's "just 20 dollars"

Since my computer was down I hadn't checked to see how much was actually in my account but I had a general Idea that I needed the cheapest computer. So there's no disk drive to play good fellas and traffic for an evening rest.

Just 20 dollars eh? I came home shocked at the actual price, compared to what was written on the little tag on the wall. And after checking on facebook and my email I went to see my account. I had 20 dollars in my bank account. Just enough to do my laundry.

the phone and power will have to wait a little while longer I guess.

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