Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Self Tutor

Yesterday I decided to try to write a song with the poem below. I was singing it as I wrote it so I thought I’d put it to music.

While I was doing that (I only have the first line done so far and who knows how many more times I’ll re write it) But I took my camera, which records really nice video, and recorded me singing.

I used to do this in high school, record my lessons on tape and play them over and over, but this is the first time I’ve used it as a self tutoring tool.

I only recorded it because my ego told me how awesome I’d be. So I recorded the whole song and when I played it back... well the first two verses... I was amazed at how awful most of it sounded. It’s bad enough that most people, minus say Mariah Carey, don’t like their voices, but mine sounded awful.

I had two choices. I could call Barb the singing teacher (which is how she answers the phone when she calls) and say I’m never singing again, its hopeless, oh what a world, or I could... wince, listen to it again.

I listened to it again and this time I pointed out to myself all that Barb had pointed out two nights before. I was making the same mistakes, over and over, but couldn’t hear it inside my head. When I recorded it I could fix it.

SO I corrected some of it, some of it my voice just needs more practice to strengthen it, and it sounded better as you can hear there are still some mistakes. After all she had already coached me to do it right. And for the first time I could hear the difference when it worked.

I feel bad that she had to keep coaching me the past couple weeks to do the same thing and hear the same mistakes.

Big steps but still a long way to go

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