Saturday, July 26, 2014

Compose Me

We dance
on the sheet of rain
that takes over
the planet

the weather man said
the whole planet
is raining
the whole earth
cloud covered

hearts are crying
it’s one of those days
our evil parts
out run our senses

I hear the rain drop
in my hair
each drop plays
a stringed instrument

I remember
the little white flowers
blowing in the wind
and I heard the symphony

I remember the time
we fell into
the wedding box
Bound to our life mates

Compose me
Compose me
like a song
like a love song

And then the rose petals
Fell like a sheet of rain
From the brides

We dance
On the raining roses
that fall over
the planet

the music will course
though me like a lover
holding tight to my skin
he speaks his songs

A seed in my heart
A golden pebble
That  grows
Into a beautiful tree of hearts

Compose me
Compose me
like a song
like a love song

The gold petals
Fall like a sheet of rain
From the gods crown
And the seeds of the heart

Begin to grow
Across the earth
And we dance

On an earth of gold

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Now enter love,,,

Let my kind hands
Be the kind hands of love
Don’t let love
Hurt my palms anymore

I believe
I will love me
Through the vacant lots
And my lost heart

Last night
I dreamed of my marriage
And know I was
In the shadow of love

The fatal image
Of hearts
Even when apart

A love so strong
That we are buried side by side
We never leave
Each others side

As I wake in dark places
Most only see on sunny days
Beaches in snowstorms
Museums in the dark of night

I begin to know
That I am with me
And you will follow
Like a knight

Now enter peace

Now enter love

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Woman like Me

Once up on time
On the street in b’town
Rivers of roses
Bloomed in my front yard

I watched the roses in the mall
But, I had my own
In my front yard
Like pedaled rainbows

They grow like a path
For him to follow
And he sees me
Sees my thorns and my flowers

Let his love
Love a woman like me
Bring him home
To my arms

I put my fingers in his
Our palms touch
Everybody’s been there before
But him and me together

Let the words
Grow like a path
And let me rest
My illusions of love

Let his love
Love a woman like me
Bring him home
To my arms

He found me
He found me
And the blood from the thorns
Are the red of the roses

I wish I could
Of how beautiful we were
At that moment

Our faith in each other
The sun setting
The fireflies
Not afraid of the city

Let his love
Love a woman like me
Bring him home
To my arms

We were the children
Of folk and poetry
Even in our kisses
We remain the innocents

He reaches me
Even though I am
Torn and tossed
In love

He found me
He found me
And the blood from the thorns
Are the red of the roses

Once up on time
On the street in b’town
He loved
A woman like me

Monday, July 14, 2014


There’s a piece
Of time
Inside the jar

I gave this time to you
And locked it
Up tight

You’re gone now
But that jar
Has the air we breathed

There’s piece of
Red thread
Wrapped around the jar

It reminds me
Of all the love
I’ve forgotten about you

And the memories
In the air
Are left free

I smash the jar
A painting
Falls to the floor

And the red string
Is cut by the force
Of the glass

The air a memory
Of the love
I’ve forgotten about you

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Full Moon

A little focus
On the rozes
With blurry
Around the edges
As the sun tips
Its hat
And shows
Some orange and pink
And candles
Put out candles
Watch the light
To the rozes
The scent
From their petals
Is strong tonight
They are telling me to
Make a wish on
This side of the moon

Pan up to the sky
Where the clouds
Are rozes and orange blossoms
And the perfume from the sky
Is fresh air on the breeze
The ocean spray
Makes lips
Salty and sweet
And the wind
Blows hair back
he sun go down

I wonder what the full moon brings 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

let your soul lead

all these people
feeling all these things
and the world
becomes alive
with voices
high and low
happy and sad
all around the town
voices of people
and the ghosts that follow them
begin to speak

they say follow your dreams
follow your heart
follow the steps
let your soul lead

all the rivers flow to the sea
and all your life flows
towards your dreams
feeling these small waves
push me forward
with winds high
and winds low
all the way down the current
a silver skipper
a golden slipper
the flowers in the reflection
the waves begin to push

they say follow your dreams
follow your heart
follow your steps
let your soul lead

the soul pulls you from the depths
wraps you in your blanket
the one you had as a child
and tries to wash all the waves
and the ocean looks
farther away than ever before
you’ll have to do it on foot
silver skipper tarnished
silver slipper
rogue and warn
and the trees sway and say

follow your dreams
follow your heart
follow your steps
let your soul lead

let your soul lead 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Hurricane

The storm has ended

The boats at sea
Bouncing in the night
Stars and moon their hidden guides
The windows let me see out
Kept me dry inside

The biggest universe
In the world
Like the storm
Pushes me forward
Tries to balance my dreams
With my basic needs

The last of the winds scream
I fall on the deck
And rest with the
Whiskers of the fish
Counted like lucky pennies

But with no value for the future

Thursday, July 3, 2014

light and darkness play

not my pic
now I fall into focus
tumble to the spot
that writes deep
inside the mind
places where
light and darkness play

i fall into focus
down the hill
to the river
find the rain
deep in the current
of ideas and feelings

i focus
on the desert of sight
i climb out of a mirage
of muses to find the
sand, left over
thoughts, of the mind

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Self Tutor

Yesterday I decided to try to write a song with the poem below. I was singing it as I wrote it so I thought I’d put it to music.

While I was doing that (I only have the first line done so far and who knows how many more times I’ll re write it) But I took my camera, which records really nice video, and recorded me singing.

I used to do this in high school, record my lessons on tape and play them over and over, but this is the first time I’ve used it as a self tutoring tool.

I only recorded it because my ego told me how awesome I’d be. So I recorded the whole song and when I played it back... well the first two verses... I was amazed at how awful most of it sounded. It’s bad enough that most people, minus say Mariah Carey, don’t like their voices, but mine sounded awful.

I had two choices. I could call Barb the singing teacher (which is how she answers the phone when she calls) and say I’m never singing again, its hopeless, oh what a world, or I could... wince, listen to it again.

I listened to it again and this time I pointed out to myself all that Barb had pointed out two nights before. I was making the same mistakes, over and over, but couldn’t hear it inside my head. When I recorded it I could fix it.

SO I corrected some of it, some of it my voice just needs more practice to strengthen it, and it sounded better as you can hear there are still some mistakes. After all she had already coached me to do it right. And for the first time I could hear the difference when it worked.

I feel bad that she had to keep coaching me the past couple weeks to do the same thing and hear the same mistakes.

Big steps but still a long way to go

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


For this moment
Is a moment to be blessed
Times to feel alive
Deep within your heart

Lay down on the summers grass
And look up to the blue blue sky
There’s little yellow bird
There's a cloud so high

Point out all the simple things
That you let pass by
Take a moment
Don’t ask why

For this moment
Is a moment to be blessed
Time to feel alive
Deep within your heart

Today I took the time to love
Something that broke my heart
That’s something I don’t do
Today I loved you

Point out all the lovely things
That are happening in my life
Ad when the going gets tough

I water the garden that is my heart