Saturday, June 7, 2014

With Dreams Like These

The jewels fell from the skies like shooting stars
Gold coins fell from the clouds like rain
And the peasants were able to afford
Their own bread and wine

Good bye to poverty
Good bye to hopelessness
And freezing on street corners
At the nights dawn

The beggar on the corner sings
There is no way out of this place but to dream
And so I dream
And so I dream

Iris I keep walking down this street
Down the rocky road
As I wash my hair
As I brush my teeth
Is there something
I’m supposed to find
Supposed to remember

Iris it’s on the way to your house
Am I supposed to find
What you have taught me
A heart in the wind
Why am I walking down this street
Every morning

Flowers fall from the sky
Orange roses and pink tulips
Perfume to hide the stench
Of world being ignored

And one person says
This will not do
And asks to love more
And so I dream
And so I dream

With dreams like these who knows what the future might open up to

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