Thursday, June 26, 2014


A tattoo isn’t something
I want wrapped
Around my arms
I have enough scars
From memories
I don’t want
Storied on my skin

Scars like ropes and strings
Rushing and pulling
Being knit like sweaters
By the heart

I don’t have tattoos
But man I’ve got scars
 A slice of a smile
A wound of a touch
And you want me to say hello

Feelings from fellows
Who walk away
A sadness of the simplicity
That comes to most people

A turn of the head
A wink of the eye
A smile and shadow
And oh so many tears

I lost my way
Deep in the scars
In another tattoo
Across the heart

Tattoos like the last poem
I painted in heart beats
We always dwell
On the paintings
On our skin

Take a moment and breath
For the people I let touch
My life and you can’t see them
On my skin

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