Sunday, June 1, 2014

Feet in the Sand

I spent money on curtains some to dull the view of me as I write my poetry with the cats in the sun porch. I bought curtains to hide my nakedness as I run through the living room to my bedroom, post shower. And then when the money ran out I used blankets with colourful designs and thick weave to block out all sun and sight.
The sun is a powerful being and brakes in through the cracks of the blanketed curtains and nudges me awake with it freshness.
It is another day and a friend calls to have an adventure. I have many things to do today but I want to spend time with her so I forgo the luxury of being able to pick up and do the laundry when the spirit moves me and tell her I have to be home in time to clean my cloths.
A friend sends me love and joy in an email of love and joy. Not one of these spam emails but just to tell me she is feeling love and joy and I accept it. And say I too am going to pay it forward, share it with my day’s “adventure friends.”
And that’s all we can do right?
I value my freedom and still I find I live in the captivity of a democratic country; the need for a 9-5, the need for an address, the need for A SIN; The belief that my dreams are handicapped by finances and obligations.

But I can share love and we can take the scraps of quarters and loonies and toonies that we have and buy a pop along the coast, in the country, as we leave the small town. Walk along the beach and sift our toes through the June 1st sand. Feel the salt air on our lungs. Watch a sail boat dock on the wharf.

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