Sunday, June 15, 2014

#bitesizememoir Childhood Illness

1)      Whenever I was sick as a child with a cold or upset tummy There was always grilled cheese sandwiches and Wizard of Oz
2)      I always had to have a shower after the school bus went by, you always tried to be as less sick as possible
3)      Ear aches that made me cry in the night
4)      Antibiotics that I took in dreams
5)      Tylenol at midnight at 2 or 3
6)       The times I couldn’t get up in the morning
7)      Listening to Robbie Robertson and feeling better
8)      Sleeping on the couch
9)      Trips to the Dr to tell stories of our goats with the same name as the Dr'
s Assistants

10)   Getting sick in university dorm and wondering where Dorothy was, and The Good Witch tapping her crown

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