Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Violins And Mice

The violins in the night time
Of my bedroom
Rocking me to sleep
The conductor of the symphony
Directing my dreams
The songs they sing
Are new to me
I’ve never heard them before
My mind
In dreams
Writes songs
Forgotten with the waking sun
Today the conductor
Paused the music and said
You’re only half the magik
You should be

There’s a beauty
In the homeless soul
Eyes small and beady
Breathing laboured
And he still gives us a gift
For thinking about him this morning
Us and our blessed life

I would want someone
To leave a small
Royal Dalton water bowl
If I was lost and forgotten
And so he leaves me a mouse

A part of me feels alive
Thelma and Louis
Before they go over the edge
A part of me feels flat and dead
Like the mouse
And then a friend
Pays a compliment
And for a moment
The sadness and loneliness
And then a friend
Makes a phone call
The gifts
Keep getting better

More alive

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