Sunday, May 25, 2014

Universe and Dreams

I always feel surrounded
By the universe
Its webbed fingers
Dew dropped in the morning
Wake me up
And push me along
On paths I have fought for
And paths chosen for me

The universe

Like no matter
How many hours
I have spent by myself, writing
Reading or cleaning;
I am surrounded
By the universe

By spirits, energy, and love

Sometimes I get overwhelmed
From it all
The singing of the fairies,
The stories of the gnomes,
The voices inside my head,
And I sleep.
It makes it all go away,
Until, of course,
The dreams come

My trip into my dreams
Has no agenda,
There are no dependants
No regular visitors
Each night it’s a new life
And I feel what I can’t feel
While awake;
To touch, to love, to adventure, to fly

In bed I see and feel
Enough that I look at reality
And question its reality,
As much as I do question dreams
It isn’t until later in life
That I learned to question
My inner dreams
Where do they come from?
What do they mean?

I will dream of an apple pie
Unnoticed in someone’s window
The next day  
I watch a movie and there’s an apple pie.
I wonder if it’s my medicated brain
Doing the best it can to
Predict the future
And the best it can do is apple pie

I always feel surrounded,
By the dream
Its broken fingers
Twisted in the sunset
Lulls me
Dances behind the closed eye
Takes me to places
That I will never see

In the universe

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