Tuesday, February 11, 2014

dance myself whole

On  those nights
Like tonight
I feel there’s part
Of me missing

I wonder
Out loud
Would I be whole
In the arms
Of Mr Right

There’s a teacher
In my mind
That says
A woman must have a man
And a family
To be whole

And sometimes
I believe it

But tonight
I proved them wrong
I went looking
For little pieces
That were missing
Music notes
And poems
That will make me whole

I danced myself whole
In the hall ways
Of my heart
We can dance ourselves together
When the music starts
One whole self when the song ends

When the story is told
When the song is sung

I’ve danced myself together

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Fromage

There’s so much
To say about independence
I’m like a knight
Without a horse
But I remember
How to ride
Across the plans
Snow for miles

Something cold
In my blood
As even the temperature falls
If I had to fall in love
Could it be him
Could it be him

There’s so much to say
About feeling safe and warm
There’s so much to want
Alone in the night
Just those eyes
Just that soul
Just that laugh in the winters moon light

Something cold
In my blood
As even the temperature falls
And if I got to meet him
If I had to fall in love
Could it be him
Could it be him

There’s a time
And a place
For love and excitement
If I had to fall in love
Can it be

Could it be now?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wake Up and Dream

There’s an old expression about where dreams go to die. There’s a Girl (that’s me) that wakes up and morns the loss of sleeping dreams. That has seen so much waking love fall and tumble down the mountain side. So much love while asleep. I spent years looking for a place to call home, a place to be creative, cats, and friends who love me. So much time saying no this is wrong, but not knowing how to feel right.

There’s a little game I started playing this weekend.  I’m going to the place where my dreams come alive. To that little locket I keep locked up tight; that I close up tight when I open my eyes.  I want to wake up and leave the locket of dreams open.

In the locket lies a hungry peace, a need for creativity and expression. And dreams, so many dreams.

There’s an old expression to “Follow your dreams.” I remember in university saying “You don’t want me to follow mine." 

But they’re changing there are more and more that I long to follow and see them turn into real events.
It started by dreaming of a theatre company. And creating a name for one.

This weekend I was able to support friends at a poetry reading. Only to be supported twice in return. By having a friend at a poetry reading grab my hand and say “you’re next Frosty.” And knowing that I’ve already told stories, I’ve written, to audiences. It continued by going to Zumba and knowing that I believe and support my friends ability to create a successful event. 

No jealousy, no self hate.

I can open up that locket and see what I’ve locked inside for the past 30 years. Happiness, future, alive: all words that will shine in the next couple days.

There’s a feeling of excitement with this idea, when I write a few lines and walk around the apartment to let it become real, feel it, breath it.

It’s going to take me a few weeks to master it and figure out how to do it; how to wake up and be alive, how to live dreams ,and make dreams come true, when I’m wide awake.