Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tree Fort

I spin in circles
A princess
Receiving wishes

There is no fairy god mother
Wrapping her wand
Around a Cinderella
I spin on my own
Camera in hand
The flashes of light

Taking pictures
Of a secret
In the park
Behind the elementary school,
My best friend and I
Pretend to be husband and wife

We make a second home
In the tree fort

Bagged sandwiches
And carrot sticks
Eaten together
Walls and ceilings
Always rearranged

We have friends over
From neighbouring forts
This is my kitchen
Have some tea
In the cup with a chip
We are taking pictures of relationships

But ceilings grow low
And children grow up

Soon we wrap ourselves
In gauze
Spin around each other
By emotion
By fear
And cooled
By the ice
Of teenage hearts

We move on
To other schools
Start jobs
Build real houses
And never
See each other

The children of the tree fort

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