Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In Spirits Company Theatre

I‘ll just write a bit.
Monday night I had a dream, a wonderful dream, that made me so happy.
Let’s go back a Bit. I fell in love with acting in elementary school; but didn’t want to tell anyone. In Jr High school some friends and I banded together to with some teachers, and we had a local theatre troupe come and teach us improve. We put on a play. I was in many plays in high school and in 95 started taking theatre in University where I put on plays and wrote for three years.  I got a job at a museum doing theatre and Museum things and then went on to catering and trying to do film I ended up coming home in 2006 thinking that everything was over. Never once did I ever think of a theatre company.
And Monday night I had a dream. A wonderful dream, that I had a theatre company, and spent all day creating, trying on costumes, and writing. I woke up and knew that if only in my heart I needed theatre company. SO I set out on facebook and asked for help. I wanted to use the word spirit but was stuck. My cousin re arranged the words a bit and came up with “In Spirits Company” Theatre. It can be real or pretend but it’s mine and has a facebook page and I think I know where I want to put on my firs

t production to a crowd of like three or four.
Now to write.

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