Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today in Paris

not my photo :(
Today in Paris
Dirty old Paris
- At least that’s what people try to tell me
So I don’t want to visit there
Don’t want to travel that way

Today in the Paris
The Paris of my mind
I am paddling down the river
To my heart

I see lemons trees
Along the bank
I can only smell the sour
Taste the tart

Just a little more time to go
into myself
Just a little more time to ride
The river that runs to my heart
The present
Just felt like yesterday

Lemons fall
Leave time to write on the skin
With indentations of the present
Tattoos of the mind

Remember me on your skin
This is who I am
My lover says my hair is not washed
We woke up strangers

Down the river’s
Of the sweet Paris
I pick a real word
A word like my heart

The only way to read
The tattoo
Is with fire

I hold it
In my soul
And cradle it with love
This dirt
This sour
This heart

Just a little more time to go
into myself
Just a little more time to ride
The river that runs to my heart

The present
Just felt like yesterday
Or the day before

Today in Paris
Dirty old Paris

Monday, January 27, 2014

Word Mass

This is my journal today
A mass of words
A congregation of dreams
A marriage of hope and fate

This is my journal today
Where I write I love you
To someone I will never
See again

Say a little prayer for the dreams
That come by
The wings of the birds
And lift me up to the sky

Say a little prayer in my journal
For all that is in this moment
Because this moment is all that counts

And I chose to sit and write

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Angel Skin

I touched you
Your skin
You’re an angel

We’ve never burnt ourselves
With love
Never scared by a marriage
A miscarriage

There’s a little bit of light
A glow from your hair
I bit and we
Burned together

Now we bury you on Wednesday
My darling
You and your fire

One more moon in my hand
One more candle breaks the hearts
Of lovers

I followed the night
Into the shadowed forest
And the bright lights danced

Angles lighting candles
For those who have died
“You can see us
If you believe” they sang
And I only believed more

Followed the chorus sounds
Deep into the woods
The moaning of the violin
The ting of the harp

The wind through the trees
The angles singing
The song they had created
For my grandmother
When she was born

Now we bury you on Wednesday
My darling
You and your fire

You touched me
My skin
In 197-
Now I’m alive

I can see

The angels

Monday, January 13, 2014

Good Morning

I’ve been walking
Alone on the ledge
And if I should fall
I should fall.

I want this morning
To last forever

Cold bare feet
Heater barely on

Promise of sun
And spring like weather

A string of words
That want to be made

Into a poem
And a pen

At the ready

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tree Fort

I spin in circles
A princess
Receiving wishes

There is no fairy god mother
Wrapping her wand
Around a Cinderella
I spin on my own
Camera in hand
The flashes of light

Taking pictures
Of a secret
In the park
Behind the elementary school,
My best friend and I
Pretend to be husband and wife

We make a second home
In the tree fort

Bagged sandwiches
And carrot sticks
Eaten together
Walls and ceilings
Always rearranged

We have friends over
From neighbouring forts
This is my kitchen
Have some tea
In the cup with a chip
We are taking pictures of relationships

But ceilings grow low
And children grow up

Soon we wrap ourselves
In gauze
Spin around each other
By emotion
By fear
And cooled
By the ice
Of teenage hearts

We move on
To other schools
Start jobs
Build real houses
And never
See each other

The children of the tree fort

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In Spirits Company Theatre

I‘ll just write a bit.
Monday night I had a dream, a wonderful dream, that made me so happy.
Let’s go back a Bit. I fell in love with acting in elementary school; but didn’t want to tell anyone. In Jr High school some friends and I banded together to with some teachers, and we had a local theatre troupe come and teach us improve. We put on a play. I was in many plays in high school and in 95 started taking theatre in University where I put on plays and wrote for three years.  I got a job at a museum doing theatre and Museum things and then went on to catering and trying to do film I ended up coming home in 2006 thinking that everything was over. Never once did I ever think of a theatre company.
And Monday night I had a dream. A wonderful dream, that I had a theatre company, and spent all day creating, trying on costumes, and writing. I woke up and knew that if only in my heart I needed theatre company. SO I set out on facebook and asked for help. I wanted to use the word spirit but was stuck. My cousin re arranged the words a bit and came up with “In Spirits Company” Theatre. It can be real or pretend but it’s mine and has a facebook page and I think I know where I want to put on my firs

t production to a crowd of like three or four.
Now to write.