Thursday, November 21, 2013

Facing Fear

Clean Clear crisp night
Mittens and hats to keep us warm
Broken twig turns into broken arrow
And fear takes hold of the heart

I met fear at the cross roads
She didn’t say a thing
I realized for the first time
It’s all up to me

Clear Clean Crisp morning
One brave thought
For the sparrow learning                                                                                                                           To let it's heart fly

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Keys to the Sunrise

Photo by Mama Duncan... the sunrise we saw this morning :)

Hands reaching out, everyone to everyone
Warms arms around shoulders

Eyes bright focused, reflecting
Ears twisting with the wind

Muscles strong and rippled
Leading us to iron and steel inspired thoughts

Soul soft like clouds
Leading us into February

A little roaming drum beat
A trail of piano keys

A path of pitch and uniform trumpets
We follow the pink and orange into blue

With feasts of feats and lessons
Fire from the centre of the sun

A chance to look inside and see
How the parts run all alone in the house

I follow the pattern day in and day out
In safety going out to the sure

A bird flies by a single C
Along the staff of power lines

It vibrato held until it dips down to G and E
And sits at C again where the power post-

Stops it


One must go to work