Sunday, October 27, 2013

Remember those days

There’s a wheat field in my soul rippling back and forth in the wind today the air is dry and the weather is warm and all the crickets sing under the chopped leaves they all want love they all want love

There’s an ocean out there in the distance the air is salty and cracks lips cracks bones it’s all dry when your thirst is heavy there are no tears in this salt scape racing into the sea running to find love running

There’s a horizon everywhere I look no matter how hard I run I can’t reach it it’s sunny and warm an oasis in the desert and lately I need to go out further stand on the line stand on that line

There are wings that take us deep into the sky we can fly like a moth to the stars we can fly like a plane into the clouds but today the clouds are dry and the sky is blue and there is no water tears are dry

Take me to a place where you sleep all day and stay up into the night chasing dreams where the stars fall warm and you drink water from the rivers you run into in bare feet and catch minnows in your hand

Remember those days

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