Sunday, September 15, 2013

Angels Across the Moon

From here
I can see angels
Walk Across the moon
Tips of hair followed
By blinking stars
Tiara’s shine
In planets eyes
They move like
A summer breeze
Dresses, long and silver
Light shining from above
Glowing skin
I watched one single
Lift me off the earth
Her hands on mine
Talking all my pain away
Her light calming my skin
My mind at perfect peace
Beyond any place
I had ever seen

In a forest
Along the shore
While meditating
I felt the mother’s arms
Hold me, like a child,
And I began to cry
The Dr's said don't cry
But the milky way was soft
And I was safe

we fall back to earth
and sit along the dunes
But from here
You can see angels
Walk across the moon
And many nights
I make my way
To the other side

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