Monday, August 12, 2013

The Unicorn

Like a skirt in on the body; the wind flows gently through the trees. It’s all that’s left to feel. The arms, the legs, the brain are numb; from the 30 years of antidepressants and denial. I remember the day I realized that so many people around me were finding what they loved; Jack loved car shows, Lillian loved dog shows and I took my cat out for walks on a pink leash.

But that was many moons ago and cat got scared and didn’t want to go outside anymore. Love became soured like the worst wine and I’m sitting alone watching the turtle on the middle of the pond. Its tiny, ancient, body doing nothing more than soak up the sun.

The last time I saw a unicorn was on this pond, when I was 16, walking hand and hand with my boyfriend. Oh and 16 year olds will be 16 year olds. The unicorn galloped behind me and blew its breath on my neck. It said “this is the last time you will ever see me.” I cried, but I was in love.

Like the fog on the sea shore, I sat weighted and heavy. I really didn’t think there were any more reasons to go on. Oh sure I would go on, go to work, clean my apartment, but really, what else was left?

I heard the children playing behind me and saw a runner in black on the other side of the pond. The children were laughing and calling out to the turtle. The boys named the turtle and the little girl of the group just stood and stared like there was magic everywhere.

I wondered.

Like the beat of my heart the world changed and the runner picked up the little girl. She began to scream. I began to think of my marriage. And then I saw it, the unicorn run across the pond, the water splashing up from the hooves. We both reached the little girl at the same time.

The runner was down and people all over the park were starting to take notice. The little girl and I jumped on the back of the unicorn and galloped to her mother.

Like hours of being questioned by the police, there is a tired. After everyone when home, I looked for the turtle. He had left his rock. I began to leave when I heard a throat  clear.

“You know you are the Unicorn now. And I will be with you whenever you play on the pond.”

There was a splash and the turtle swam back to his rock.