Saturday, August 24, 2013


I’ve done a lot of imagining I’d write something great. I’ve done short stories and never finished them enough to publish (although I did tell some with the story tellers) I had a 2 plays done in university that I just sat down and wrote in one sitting.

Between dealing with depression and expecting to just sit down and write a masterpiece in one sitting I haven’t been doing much real writing on a large scale; Milford is big and I need to go back and finish him.

But starting last month I decided I had enough energy to do NaNoWriMo. And boy is it a slap in the face from university (writing a 20 minute play in one sitting) At first I started just doing free fall. I went over it tonight and there’s a lot of good stuff there but it’s nowhere near a novel.

Today I had coffee at the farmers market with some amazing women and came home and started a story board. I have training in film and theatre so I set it up in a three act structure and let the juices flow.

I feel great tonight. Like I’m on the right path. That things are going good.

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