Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Tree in My Floor

50 sleeps go by
And still my bed
Is without you
I’ve grown my love
With cats
With Poems
And a gift
From a midnight party
And some anti depressants
And still I let nobody in
The war in my brain
Says it’s time
To show people
Who I really am
To reach out
And say I like this
Not that
And make decisions
For me rather than worrying
About what other people think
This is a time of abundance and beauty
I turn myself over
And let someone else
Help me along
The house has plants
growing from the floor
I holds out my hand
I know what you like
And I trust and follow
And everyone else
Thinks I’m crazy
There's a past they say
But it’s worth
Living here
The death card on the table
With a pentacle
Rise above the dream
See the patterns
The way they move like dancers
Find the centre
Find the core

I’m better than
Doing dishes
At your hotel
Says the dream
I will move forward
I will awaken

Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm going to try this again

The blog is going to go through another change, I now write two hours a day and try to produce a poem or parts of a story so the focus has gone off of the blog a bit, that poetry will hopefully be workshopped further and the ultimate goal would be to see it published, but we'll start by looking for places to work with my poetry, I went through other changes with the blog and still kept writing it so it'll survive. I'm jut going to keep from posting anything that might go towards the "novel" or poems that may be published. I'll keep you updated on that if it works out. Also there is a library sleep over this weekend that I believe I will be blogging about, while it happens, I will be telling stories and doing morning pages in the morning.

So I'm going to try again to be a writer...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Bridge

Jenny held his hand
Beige eyes like
Brown Sugar
In molasses cookies
The kind with the raisin on the top.
Martin held her hand
Blue eyes
Like the water under
The cobblestone bridge
The kind with fish that ripple the surface.
Their eyes met for a moment
And they could see truths
Black and white like
Piano keys in under skilled hands
The kind you would experience in a church service.
Martin turned his back on her
And looked into his spouses eyes
When he looked back to Jenny
She had her arm around her spouses shoulder
The kind of love that is a whisper in a dark room
Only I, standing in the middle
Of the cobblestone bridge
In meditation, in listening
Heard that they were soul mates
The kind that will find their way back to each other; even in this lifetime.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Night

Bring your favorite shoes
The faux leopards
With inches of heal
We’ll spend the night
Under the charred sky
The campfire and the marshmallows
Our eyes aligned with the stars
Our hearts in the raw
Open and bleeding to the moon
There will be a piano
And an open field
We’ll tap out our S.O.S 

Tell our stories
Until the dew
Sets on our noses
And with the sunrise
We will be reborn
Hold hands and be set free in the world