Wednesday, May 1, 2013

60 minutes in B town

not a picture of paris
A______ and I were walking across the river. We were each heading to a different grocery store after being at the hug and slug, I needed chocolate and she needed chicken wings. I’m next door to the hug and slug (tavern) and 10 minutes from 3 of the grocery stores.
I may have been a little intoxicated heading across the river.

She said “See Paris we have a river too, and it’s nicer than yours.” That made my heart long for someplace else; anyplace and I would be a different person, a better person.

 A place with more opportunities.

And then I thought about it tonight, it doesn’t matter where you put me, I spend most of my hours by myself writing or talking to cats. A city would have more opportunities but what I need is to sit my butt down and write and read.

So there’s a confession to make. I’m not a vegetarian, or a vegan. I was a vegan for a month and got so hungry I was referred to as a Goth heroin addict. Yep I guess I looked sweet. I did the hemp seed, the brewers yeast the salad the tofu the nuts I have Ellens cook book I have Alicia Silverstones Vegan for intelligent Dummies I have so many things with Neal Bernards  and Sarah Kramers name on it and still I couldn’t do it. SO I broke down and had eggs which led to fish which led to bacon which led to chicken. And you know what, I could get up the next morning and function. And in the past  when I made plans during the weekend “Write an hour every night” I could do it on Monday but after that I was too tired, here it is Wednesday and I have enough focus to spend an hour writing. 
And that was after a bad day.

I’ll still only post vegan food, but I’m not a vegan L

So Now what is my excuse not to sit and write and apply myself and get shit done? I don’t have one. I am able to write every night. And I don’t have to be in Paris to write. I can be in here and apply myself. It’ll start with an hour of writing and lead to an hour of editing and going through books and teaching myself to write better;  Confidence Frosty Confidence and commitment and health.
And Hey if I want paris I'll read julia childs life in france.



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