Saturday, April 27, 2013


I must have a daughter
To take my place
As I age
To rule this queendom
I must have a daughter to
Teach the world peace
I must have a daughter
To teach the world strength
She will be Perseverance

And rather than look for
Any man who breaths
I must look for the father
 Of my daughter

That I dreamed of 
I’ve dismissed her
Until now
But she’s always

Meant love
In the dream.


Just a little poem I wrote 5 minutes ago, I’m reading Mists of Avalon and they’re going on about having a son. And I thought I’d write about having a daughter. There’s a daughter in my dreams. Maybe I should listen to what she says.


  1. I liked Mysts of Avalon which I read on a train In Scotland long ago.

    1. The author leaves such a great trail of images as she tells her story, I have the pen out and underlineing all the time :)