Monday, March 4, 2013



I believe I have some power, a little extra on the side to put towards something special. I’m not focusing all my energy into keeping me alive, it’s not all going toward my job, towards Dr’s appointments. There’s a little more I can use to put towards my voice.
 I have been whispering for so long. It’s time to speak a little louder. There’s a power inside my voice.
 My voice slips in and out of my life like an affair with a traveling minstrel. I have no choice when this lover visits. In my twenties it was torrid, an hour a day at the piano and I would sing in hall ways and streets. But I had no idea what I was saying.
 I sit down at the keys. I am creating something new and unforeseen. Like that Beethoven piece, I am singing a song that’s been done billions of times over, and my version has never been heard before.
And this minstrel doesn’t mind the whisper and the stumble because I’m aware of the power of my voice that has been in the silence the last six years. My voice has learned from the silence, but softly it must learn to sing again.