Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On A Walk

The town is dirty, with all the melting snow and the gravel.  The snow plows have thrown dirt on the pavement, on purpose ,instead of salt. In the distance all one can see is a mess, and since it’s my town it takes a piece of pride because this town is this dirty.

The pale inhabitants, not sure if they should wear bright colours outside, or not go outside at all brave the wind and lack of sun to go to the fast food joints. Two high school boys are crossing the bridge eating Wendy’s.I hate the smell of fast food. I don’t look at them but can hear them. One admits to the other that he’s gay and thus completely changes his future in 2 seconds, they keep walking as if discussing the weather.

I walk to store to get three peppers;. A red and yellow and orange, for my salad, that I will be eating the rest of the week. On my way home, a random guy says hello. I do not look at him or talk to him, I do not want to seem vulnerable, silly, that I am the girl who walks everywhere.

Two women walk past me at a great pace, as if training for the races; I am on vacation and have no place to go but home and let them pass and let them walk away from me.
Today I walked without headphones and saw my town in a new light.

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