Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Beach

There I was
A fantasy
On a raft
With unicorns and dry ice
Story books and background music
I knew it
But told no one of my adventures
Looking to the ceiling and
Kissing imaginary stars
A wave of realism
Tossed me to shore
Exhausted and torn
I became the garbage on the beach
The salt sea falls from my eyes
Until I collect myself
And all my pieces
Standing up right
Harboring a fantasy is fine
But wait until you take a step
On the beach of reality
And see you’re on solid earth
I no longer make camp fires
With imaginary friends
Drink tea alone in cafes
Tonight is dragon fruit covered in chocolate
With people who know me
We say there’s something missing
Something that isn’t allowing this dream
To become reality
But maybe tomorrow
After I walk the shore
I’ll realize I am getting there



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