Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Second Self

Her name is Anna
She watches my mood
Falling like the snow
On frozen ground
She asks
Is the Sky falling?
Or is the earth rising up
To meet the sky?
Her time I must have forgotten
The weekends
Spent cooking and baking
It’s too hard to leave lovers
On weekdays
It’s all close up right now
This other part
That I held onto
Like a broken nick knack
That others try to discard for you
But you hold on
Because when you see it
You remember Anna
She flies
From above she asks
“Why would you want to leave here?”
I answer
“Because I want to be happy.”
Anna took my breath away
Leaving in a hurry
I never knew what she liked
But not this picture
So I keep a picture of me
On my desk to remember

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